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7 July 2006 - Fund Raising Dinner/Dance, coordinated by Nora Preston

Training Course For Tortoise Carers

LOG onto for photos, click on pics, then click on the pictures to view the full photos, for an example of the extreme cruelty that the territories of municipal services and rspca accepted Code of Practice for the 'Humane Destruction of Kangaroos in the ACT', and using their strict welfare guidelines results in. Judge for yourself what their humane slaughters, including darting, are really all about under their accepted Code of Practice, and decide for yourselves how humane their slaughters are, following their own, and rspca strict guidelines. These unqualified people on the advisory committees, are being paid a high wage, using your hard earned taxpayers money, to torture animals to death, and drive wildlife to extinction. More photos on facebook.

If you haven't already, Please sign updated Save the Kangaroos Petition Online petition - Save ALL the Kangaroos, to save ALL our native roos.

The unnecessary torturing of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos commenced on Tuesday 5 May 2009, behind our backs by defence and tams on the defence majura firing site, where they claimed that they had already killed over 3,000 kangaroos, in approx. one and a half weeks.

Wildlife Carers Group was still waiting to hear from defence to go in and inspect the site, the kangaroos, and to do an individual head count of them.

Since we have not been in there to do our count, we don't know what the true population is in there.

On Thursday 14 May 2009, NSW Animal Liberation served defence with a court injunction, which the Conservator of Flora and Fauna responded to, and became the Respondent/Defendent.

A 4 day hearing began on Tuesday 2 June 2009 to Friday 5 June 2009.

Wildlife Carers Group/Nora Preston, Founding President, attended the 4 full day hearings.

On day 1 of the hearing, defence withdrew, because they didn't want to have to pay the legal costs, if they lost.

Unfortunately NSW animal liberation lost the appeal.

The Tribunal erred where they failed to note the evidence by tams, that both tams and defence enter the fenced site either two or three times a week, to herd kangaroos out, causing the deteriorated states of this area themselves, with the damages not caused by the kangaroos.

File Photos show a natzi german camp in canberra, at majura naval base, replacing the jewish bodies with our native Eastern Grey kangaroos, that were needlessly tortured to death in 2008.

The roos were taken to majura naval base, their precious lives wasted, driving them to extinction, autopsied and thrown into a pit.

don fletcher/tams, writes in the kangaroo management plan march 2009, or tams website, that they autopsied some of the bodies, and they found that the roos had some body waste, not as fat as he thinks they should've been.

No wildlife, hold the same fat content, that your domestic pet does.

They have more muscle, than fat, and are slim, it is their natural body weight, they are in the wild, not sitting in your lounge room being pampered and fattened.

18/3/09 media release , and please note that I specified only HUMANE fertility programs, (bromocriptine and some other fertility programs are not humane and must be immediately aborted), that has to be closely monitored in order not to end up with the same result as over culling, extinction of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and further 17/3/09 media release

please sign this UPDATED petition THAT REVEALS 2009 TRYING TO REPEAT 2008 HORROR -Online petition - Save ALL the Kangaroos,

You can't believe what is written in the kangaroo management survey.

If you wish to put your submission in by 11 May 2009 go to, and click on tams

This destructive, menacing grassland group/commissioner's/office of the commissioner for sustainability and the environment ACT, dept, will have to be urgently dismantled, with their report/recommendations shredded.

This report is fictitious, committing unlawful and deliberate acts of fraud, and wanting to continue to commit unlawful unnecessary, acts of animal cruelty, to drive our native wildlife to extinction.

Continuing to pay taxpayers money to this dept, is aiding in putting this state into deficit, which this state and country is already in.

Saving This planet, our environment, our eco system, restoring sanity, harmonious non violent, humane living, preventing wildlife extinction and climate change, has top priority, OVER saving jobs for people such as these government advisers, who are destroying this planet through no expertise or knowledge in these important matters.

Thank you very much for your assistance with Wildlife Carers Group, it is greatly appreciated.

You can help restore nurturing, living in harmony with our native wildlife, prevent extinction to our native wildlife, end unlawful acts of animal cruelty and violence in our society with this information below, by exposing this government's advisers, the small minority of horse owners (not all horse owners have these misconceived views about our native roos), who have no expertise or knowledge in wildlife matters, by showing the valid alternatives to unnecessary butchering of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, who have as much right to live on this land, as the horseowners horses do, without being slaughtered to death, and the facts on who really is to blame for the destruction of habitat.

'Roos push horses out' The Chronicle, 24/3/09 - What expertise and knowledge do these small minority of horse owners have in Kangaroos, wildlife, habitat, the eco system, animal welfare, environment, climate change.

Unfortunately, the reality is, that pet horses are a very expensive pet to own, you can't expect to just put them out to pasture, and let them feed themselves, you have to buy them food, ensure that they are fed a well balanced diet, just as you would for any other pet you own, along with very expensive costs for veterinary care.

Native macropods will remain in these paddocks, to maintain a healthy well balanced eco system, that live quite harmoniously with horses, and other hoofed animals.

The minority of the people/horse owners, with their misconceived views about our roos, are going to have to learn to do the same.

The horse paddocks deteriorating sites are also being blamed on the kangaroos, instead of realising the fact, that it is indeed the hoofed animals that have deteriorated the sites, and eaten them dry, and not the kangaroos, who are soft footed, and assist in the regeneration of vegetation, through their grazing and natural fertilisation.

Incidentally, farmers receive a government subsidy to save and protect wildlife on their properties which some are abusing, by continuing to slaughter our native wildlife.

Without the Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and other macropods, everything will dry up and die off, however, even they can't work their magic, where the hoofed horses, cattle, sheep, have totally destroyed the sites.

The horses, and other hoofed animals, need to be be rotated more often, out of these sites, to allow these sites to rest with only the kangaroos left there to graze, so that the roos can encourage the regeneration of the vegetation through their grazing, and their natural fertilisation.

The Rose Cottage horse paddock and the Weston horse paddock that I have visited, have both been destroyed by the horses, and not by the macropods, I would say that the other horse paddocks have the same problem.

I was in touch with Jane Hedges last year, which resulted in my visit to the rose cottage horse paddock on 2/9/08, with one of my 5 day work experience students, when we counted 193 kangaroos, which contradicted the rspca count of 2000 (nicely rounded up, but unrealistic) figure.

We will be visiting the site again to do a recount of the mobs, however, my quick visit to rose cottage, before the end of March 2009, showed a drastic drop in numbers.

The kangaroos will not stay on the sites and allow themselves to starve to death, this is a ridiculous and fraudulent statement to make, they will leave and find greener pastures.

The dead roos found on these sites would more than likely have been hit by cars, that crawled away, and were either finished off by the rangers and left there to rot, or unfortunately, slowly died suffering from their injuries.

Explore the reality, talk to us, before making such dangerous, fictitious statements, building up unwarranted hate for our macropods, and encouraging unlawful acts of animal cruelty and violence in our society.

If it wasn't for the roos, there would be absolutely no vegetation at all on these sites.

These government advisers, and small minority of horse owners, are like a terminally ill disease, a cancer spreading extremely fast, that will be irreversible to our environment, wildlife, Eco system, impact on climate change, unless the government advisers are cut out, and permanently removed from this society.

These government advisers, and small minority of horse owners, are a menace to society, and are not only attempting to wipe out our wildlife, but are also going to wipe out the human race with their ongoing fictitious reports, if the government doesn't urgently sever their relationship with them.

I began rehabilitating ALL native wildlife, including Eastern Grey Kangaroos, in the early 1980's, when I also educated the public in our wildlife, wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife habitat, and conservation.

I later became a bird bander, and was also on COG's committee, mid to late 1980's.

I was also very active in identifying birds present, migratory, mapping/location, population, etc. for their COG Canberra Bird Book.

I was involved in introducing the bird banding scheme for National Parks and Wildlife amongst rehabilitated wildlife before their release, and was looking forward to extending the banding scheme to other species of rehabilitated wildlife, in order to track their movement, and survival rate, after being rehabilitated, which also assists on the success or failure of the release sites.

I have already requested that Wildlife Carers Group be involved in re opening the banding scheme amongst rehabilitated wildlife before their release.

On Sunday 20/3/09, I made a phone call and was informed that the Kangaroo butchering had already commenced, on Saturday night, 21/3/09, in Holt, before the kangaroo management draft's deadline has been finalised on 11 May 2009.

This is an example on how untrustworthy, this government and their advisers are.

You cannot believe anything they say about the kangaroos, the native grasslands, etc.

While Maxine Cooper was being interviewed, about how important our native grasslands are, with Simon corbell, attorney general, beside her, accusing the Eastern Grey Kangaroos of eating everything, I couldn't help but notice how long the grass was in the background, from where she was being interviewed, that our Eastern Grey Kangaroos, had supposedly eaten down to nothing.

These native grasslands are being mowed down by government department employees, exposing our endangered striped legless lizards, earless dragon, along with other endangered species, and killing them.

Our Native Eastern Grey Kangaroos are also amongst our endangered species.

Please note, that they have, for now, dropped their science fiction, that the kangaroos have an impact on endangered species.

Eastern Grey Kangaroos have no impact on our native grasslands, or native species that live in the native grasslands, only the people do, who have an extremely destructive effect on our native grasslands, our environment, our native wildlife, our Eco system.

More unlawful acts of fraud committed sent to the media for media releases, in reports, to attempt to send the public into hysteria.

When the government feels that they have been defeated by us, they send in maxine cooper, to commit fraud, about the native grasslands, and whatever other fiction, they can think up, so that they can try to succeed in having their cruel, unlawful, unnecessary, blood bath.

They attempt to manipulate the media and the minority of the public, who actually believe them, to commit their unlawful acts of animal cruelty, and add to the climate change disasters, by driving our very important native wildlife to extinction, upsetting the balance of our Eco system, through their deliberate misrepresentation and acts of fraud.

At a time of recession, this government is wasting money on cruel massacres of our wildlife, and are encouraging unlawful acts of animal cruelty and violence.

Alternatives to wasting taxpayers money on unlawful slaughter and cruel violence, that will save our environment, native wildlife, prevent further devastation through climate change, and restore a healthy well balanced Eco system:

~* URGENTLY dismantle Commissioner/Office of the Commissioner for sustainability and the environment ACT, and shred their fictitious report, saving taxpayers hard earned money, aiding to prevent placing this state/county into further deficit

~* spend money on developing safe corridors for our wildlife to avoid road collisions/kills.

~* spend money on developing/modifying the shu roo, that emits a noise to warn wildlife off the roads, so that it will work at any speed, and have free compulsory fittings to all vehicles, bikes, motor bikes, to prevent road collisions/kills.

~* spend this precious money on declaring and promoting the entire ACT as a wildlife sanctuary, and nurture ALL of our native wildlife.

~* spend taxpayers money wisely, on copyright Wildlife Carers Group submitted/proposed City Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary, with Wildlife Carers Group, on the bnts site, that will also be an educational facility in wildlife, with rehabilitating enclosures for injured wildlife, and the only wildlife hospital in the ACT, a huge tourist attraction that will attract millions of dollars in revenue to the ACT.

~* cut out, and permanently remove these misleading, misrepresenting government advisers.

~* remove the authority from tams/conservator in making decisions in wildlife rehabilitation licence, killing licences, wildlife matters, and place them under Wildlife Carers Group, to prevent any further fatalitities, devastation, destruction, unlawful acts of fraudulent reports, unlawful acts of animal cruelty, wildlife extinction, and restore harmony.

Wednesday 18/3/09, Canberra Times, page 18, Editorial, in a block, under a heading The Canberra Times, to serve the national city and through it the nation, no name added to this article, heading 'Shooting roos is a sad necessity', and then on the same page, an article written by julian robinson in narrabundah, title 'Do roos rule roost?'.

What expertise and knowledge do these people have in roos, the environment, animal welfare, wildlife, the eco system, climate change?

These types of misleading articles are helping to drive our native wildlife to extinction, encouraging unlawful acts of animal cruelty, violence.

Explore the facts, rather than listening to science fiction by the government's advisers, who have no expertise or knowledge in wildlife issues, and who should've been terminated from their jobs 20 years ago, and who now must be stripped of any authority to make decisions in these areas, who are also aiding in our economy downfall/recession.

'Do roos rule the roost?' article by julian robinson, narrabundah. Yes they should, because of all the good they do in restoring the destroyed habitat. The kangaroos still have main predators.

'Shooting roos is a sad necessity' article, no name, talks about the government refusing to give licences to kill kangaroos around canberra, and at majura naval base and bnts site.

The government did issue licences to kill, unlawfully, and they were butchered to death, some left suffering with severe injuries to slowly die, committing unlawful acts of animal cruelty on both sites in 2007 and 2008.

The kangaroos were not starving, and are still not starving on these sites, or any other sites in the ACT.

34 licences to torture our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos to death, were issued in 12 months.

The grass is so high, the roos are concealed, the bnts site can be extended for the roos, and turned into a Copyright Wildlife Carers Group City Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary, as proposed by Wildlife Carers Group, with Wildlife Carers Group.

Note, that the photos presented of the bnts site by don fletcher/tams, showed an area that had no growth on it, which was blamed on the roos fenced in there.

This area photographed was actually the permanent road track, that the defence and tams vehicles had worn down.

My photo showed how long the grass was in there, where the roos were grazing, and in fact were concealed by the long grass.

Of course this photo, along with our copyright city Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary, and other alternatives, was never submitted by defence, maxine cooper, or other government advisers to the chief minister, as requested, to avoid the cull.

These government advisers are deceitful, and so is the roo management plan, and cannot be believed. Only the small minority, namely the government advisers, some horse owners, want the roos tortured to death.

We are of the majority, who want to stop the unlawful and unnecessary acts of animal cruelty, and the killing of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and the rest of our native wildlife, preventing extinction. Therefore the roo killing will not go ahead.

In majura, the kangaroos can leave, they will not stay in the one place if they are starving, this information by the government is science fiction, and is deliberately misleading the media and the public, which is also unlawful, committing fraud.

The photos that you will see showing the yellow box gum, in this kangaroo management draft, on the website, (the photo doesn't appear to be in the hard copy draft), where don fletcher is attempting to accuse the roos for being responsible for the dryness under these trees, is not due to our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Culling is not humane, therefore it is unlawfully committing acts of animal cruelty, and is not necessary.

Yes, these government advisers do hate kangaroos, and the rest of our wildlife, which is why they resort to repeated deceit and continued science fiction about our wildlife.

These government advisers have the mentality that you cannot have wildlife living with humans.

The majority have already spoken, who live in the ACT, and do want to commute with the kangaroos, and the rest of the wildlife, and do not want the kangaroos unlawfully, and unnecessarily cruely culled.

They are not in plague proportions, it only appears so, because they have lost their habitat, so we can see more of them, and although it is great to see them, it is extremely sad that they have lost so much of their habitat through mismanagement by tams/conservator, and other government advisers.

They have not increased 100% as suggested by stanhope, more deceit fed to him by his advisers.

In all fairness to our Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Question what were the circumstances behind this roo jumping/crashing through a window, on 10 march 2009, in Garran, was he/she chased/harassed by a pet, (sounds like their pet dog was unlawfully roaming uncontrolled, and may have been the culprit that sent this poor native animal into this frightful frenzy) a person, to be in such a frenzy, that the poor animal jumped through a window.

Imagine the injuries that this poor animal sustained, the shock he/she was put through, he/she would've been extremely dazed, and yet this resident owner, brags in placing this poor frightened, shocked and severely injured animal into a head lock, and dragging this poor severely injured animal down the hall way, throwing him/her into the reserve, bleeding from his/her wounds, instead of calling us out for help/advice.

These are deliberate acts of animal cruelty, failing to call for assistance, failing to have the animal treated for his injuries.

All dogs are unpredictable, Pet dogs need to be kept restrained, on a leash, in order to protect not only our wildlife, but other pets, people, and in fact for their own safety as well.

Free roaming dogs, uncontrolled dogs even with its owner, can end up being injured, lost, as it crawls away with its injuries, to suffer a prolonged death, whether it has been hit by a car, attacked by another person because it has caused a nuisance, or killed someone else's own pet in their own property.

The roos presence did not contaminate the water at googong dam in 2004, (not 1994 as incorrectly printed), nor did the roos presence threaten to contaminate the water at googong dam, they eat grass, grass and other weeds grow and live in the dam, that was another act of fraud.

The unlawful, unnecessary acts of animal cruelty was committed, solely because of the surrounding residents complaints, who did not want native wildlife/Eastern Grey Kangaroos on their properties.

I believe I have covered the rest of the article above about the grasslands, but I can repeat, the kangaroos do not have an impact on the native grasslands, or other wildlife, only the destructive, uneducated, people do.

At the same time as reporting these misleading articles for the public to read in the Canberra Times, by the 2 misinformed, misrepresenting authors, (unknown, and julian robinson from narrabundah), encouraging cruelty and unnecessary torturing of our kangaroos to death, the same dated Canberra Times 18/3/09, which is totally inconsistent with the previous articles, then placed a lift out 'Earth Hour' by WWF/Canberra Times, when the Canberra Times are finally recognising the fact, and are warning the public, that, 'one-third of Australia's macropods are threatened or combination with existing threats global warming will push some species over the edge'.

This is the vital information that these government department advisers ignore, climate change are already having a devastating impact on our wildlife, driving ALL of them to extinction, in the ACT, in Australia, Worldwide, and it is higher than just one-third, without these government department advisers adding to it, by deliberately misrepresenting and misleading the current government, the media and the public, with their deceit, about our wildlife matters, that they have absolutely no expertise or knowledge on.

To this government's advisers, the definition of 'management' means 'cull - torture to death', and 'drive our native wildlife to extinction', because they are of the view, that you cannot have wildlife living with people.

The majority that live in the ACT, live here to commute with wildlife, and want to nurture them, the minority who want to torture our wildlife to death, need to be re educated, with facts, and not fiction.

If they don't want to be re educated, then the small minority can always go and live in a city interstate, instead of attempting to destroy the bush capital for the majority that live here, who wish to maintain the bush capital, save and protect our native roos, along with the rest of our wildlife, and end unlawful, unnecessary acts of animal cruelty/killing, violence, in our society.

The government is failing to keep the pre election promises of change, by handing over the advisory positions to the people who have the expertise and knowledge in wildlife matters, such as myself/Wildlife Carers Group, which also includes the decision making on what goes on the wildlife rehabilitation licence, that still lacks the full term rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and ALL other native wildlife, in order to avoid any further acts of fraudulent reports committed, to prevent any further unlawful acts of animal cruelty committed, to prevent the extinction of our native wildlife, etc, in order to provide protection to ALL our native wildlife.

It's still the same people, with no expertise or knowledge in Eastern Grey Kangaroos, other macropods, wildlife, the eco system, the environment, conservation, and how to prevent climate change, advising the government, who have again, gone over the top.


Thank you very much for all your help and support.

Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group with long term expertise and knowledge in our native wildlife, that will act on, and investigate animal cruelty/welfare/rights, and, as a community group, that also cares about our community, and the rights of our community groups.

Wildlife Carers Group, the only local wildlife group helping to keep our state and country out of deficit, with no government funding.

4/6/08 - I spoke to defence, apparently Liz Cosson was unavailable and asked Larry Robbins replacement for the next 5 weeks, to return my phone call. He denies that they are looking into slaughtering any more of our native kangaroos at the majura defence site.

I further questioned him into the invasive collars on the roos, to which he replied they are not invasive.

I argued that it is and is in breach of animal welfare, they should only be using small ear tags on the macropods.

I issued him with a warning that the invasive collars are to be removed immediately, and replaced with the smaller ear tags.

I further warned him of the inhumane, incompetence and negligence that occurred on the bnts site against our native kangaroos, failing to provide the animals with a warm, safe, soft recovery area, that opened up to an enclosure, which in turn then slowly opened up back into the larger enclosure.

I requested a site visit, inspection and kangaroo count at majura.

defence paid out $470,000 of taxpayers money to inhumanely, unnecessarily slaughter our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos on the bnts site. Check out national ABC media release 4/6/08 -

2/6/08 - defence say they have finished inhumanely, unnecessarily butchering our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos and have commenced to dismantle the newly erected fences, the rspca, who don't know what they are doing, can't recognise native wildlife when they see it, can't recognise whether or not an animal is starving or not, and don't care, claim that the unnecessary, inhumane slaughter was humanely done, defence say they are now ready to commence stage 2 of the brutal cold blooded murder on the Majura naval site.

We should also note, that more fraud was committed when defence, tams, etc, all the so called experts in this brutal unnecessary slaughter, when they claimed that there were no joeys between March and July.

I rub my eyes, and I still see all those tiny young joeys hopping around after their mothers, the one that was locked out of the killing pen, cruelly penned in with out their mothers, mothers milk, food, water, waiting for their cold blooded murder, starving for 3 days, before their inhumane end came.

29/5/08 - wildcare have been quickly changing their website, do you think that the world who signed their petition will remember that wildcare misled them when their header on this site linking to their petition, and vice versa, claimed that 'they don't have to die' for their insisting proposed translocation? The world will certainly remember the horror of the inhumane process of herding, etc, for the translocation that they witnessed thanks to the media.

wildcare have collected $1,121.55, from the public, claiming that it is for materials for those who are protecting the beloconnen roos. Currently, That would still be defence, except that they are not protecting them, they are slaughtering them, and cruelly placing large invasive collars onto them through an inhumane process for research.

So far, Any money paid out by me, and going towards saving these defence kangaroos, has been forked out of my own pocket.

I didn't ask the world to pay me any money, so that I can give it to others.

wildcare have also quickly plagiarised what I had already written on this website, about them 'wanting a kangaroo count' - not, when they misled me, with every phone call they made to me, by offering to help me count the roos, just to inappropriately interfere, sabotage my investigations, and then informing me that they had no intentions to count them, and that it would take weeks to count them, including my comment about my 13 months of investigations, when wildcare was never invited to interfere, this is the end result of wildcare's uninvited interference, the inhumane, cold blooded murder of our ACT native Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

I strongly believe, that if wildcare would have not interfered with my investigations, that I commenced in April/May 2007, that the outcome would have been completely different, and our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos would still be alive and grazing on the bnts site today, and on the Majura site, some of which were inhumanely slaughtered in June 2007.

28/5/08 - 'The Biggest Scam Ever'. First we heard all the fabrication of the kangaroo population, on the bnts site, and everyone in the government involved in this matter, falsely blaming the kangaroos for destroying protected native grasslands, and native protected species, just to learn that they want it for housing development, which will totally destroy everything on the site, and witness their personnel driving all over the protected native grasslands, and protected native species, killing it all off before the housing development even starts.

Now, we have the AFP (police), who could have saved our kangaroos on the bnts site, by taking immediate action, in entering the site, shutting down this horrific scam, and arresting and charging the real culprits in this unnecessary, inhumane kangaroo massacre.

Finally, after a week of phone calls, a/g superintendent pobar returned my call, (although a sergeant had replied to my emails to let me know he was passing them on to A/g superintendent pobar, to take the necessary action), just to inform me that they will not be entering the site to shut down this most inhumane slaughter of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

I am running out of words to describe this horror.

She advised me to ring the rspca, I informed her that we are an animal welfare group, and we are here, because the rspca are not doing their job, furthermore, the rspca have a serious conflict of interest, because they are accepting FREE kangaroo meat from the kangaroo commercial industry, which is why I have requested their assistance to take action.

a/g superintendent pobar also advised me to ring defence. Of course I see no point in ringing defence any further, I already phoned them the first day (19/5/08) the inhumane butchering started, I left a harsh message to be passed on to the relevant person. As we all know, the inhumane, unnecessary slaughter didn't stop.

The AFP seem to believe that they only have to work for the ACT government and defence and only act on their instructions.

I reminded her that taxpayers pay for their wages, and they can't be one sided, that they have to remain neutral, when the law has been broken by the other party, they have to equally act on that, and in this case, immediately shut them down and investigate all the allegations, and let the court determine whether or not they are guilty.

Clearly, she hasn't instructed the police to shut them down, arrest them and charge them, since they still appear to be out there.

The May 27 Chronicle had an article in it, accusing the (title) 'cull protestors of distressing the roos', how did the protestors distress the roos, when tams, contractors, defence, etc are driving all over the site, banging on instruments, to scare them to death, which they literally did, to herd them, etc, with michael linke from the rspca claiming that 'their interest was for the welfare of the animals and they were happy with how it was being conducted' further, '"with every project they improve the process,"....' Kangaroos broke their legs, their necks, colliding, collapsing, dying from shock, getting trampled to death, stressed out females ripping out their joeys from their pouches and throwing them down, in the attempt to save them from their predators, the research kangaroos did not have a warm, soft, safe, secure recovery area set up, that led out to an enclosure, they were left unattended, constantly trying to get up, heavily falling back down again, severely injuring themselves, they had unsuitable collars fitted around their necks, you should not fit collars onto the macropods, how is this in the interest for the welfare of the animals, michael linke??, clearly these remarks suggest, that the rspca have the wrong staff working there, failing to do their job, and to prevent cruelty.

This confirms what I had already reported on, that this cruelty the world has witnessed has been coordinated and performed by inexperienced, unqualified personnel, with gross negligence and incompetence, acts of animal cruelty, using these live animals for target practice and experimenting on, and yet the police feel, there is no cruelty case, and refuse to do their job, by taking action to shut them down, to prevent any further acts of animal cruelty.

I reminded a/c superintendent pobar, that she had a couple of photos as evidence of the cruelty, incompetence, and negligence, going on at the bnts site, she replied that they aren't evidence.

View the photos,, and you be the judge.

27/5/08 - I had an article published, receiving 5 gold stars for it, with someone from wildcare, NSW, calling him/herself Primrose Hill, from Sutton, writing another article titled 'the truth about the bnts site', contradicting what I wrote, once again over exaggerating the kangaroo population, but without claiming how many, just claiming that there were a lot more than 100 kangaroos, and writing about the contamination which, is of course included in this 13 months worth of investigation and research of mine, if you keep reading to the end of this entire 13 months worth of news section.

More to the point, I would say that they quickly got rid of the bodies, so that the true kangaroo population on the site won't come out, getting rid of the evidence.

Has she been into the defence site and counted the population individually?

Some of These people in this wildcare, NSW group never learn to stop interfering, so that justice can be brought ahead for our innocent victims.

All the Negativities that wildcare nsw keep advertising, to sabotage and destroy all my hard work, and about this community, is not going to help anyone.

I actually have faith, and hope, that justice will prevail.

update 24-26/5/08 - security guards, and perhaps others were used to drive their vehicles around the site to inhumanely herd, round up our native kangaroos into holding pens for cruel, illegal, and unnecessary butchering.

I sent More Emails out, and made more phone calls to the AFP, from Friday to today, to shut down the slaughterhouse at bnts site, and to arrest and remove everyone involved in the extreme cruelty, fraud, incompetence, negligence, etc, including in sending an email, to Kevin Rudd, describing my disapprovement of Keven Rudd's failure to keep his pre election promise, and indeed my huge disappointment in him.

I am absolutely sickened, and extremely saddened by this local government, and Kevin Rudd, our newly elected Prime Minister, who was able to prevent this horrifying violence from ever happening again, right in the middle of our city, but refused to.

It is intolerable, to be Deliberately encouraging this type of violent, barbaric, cruel, inhumane behaviour in our community, rather than pulling together with WCG, with the proposed Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary, and to use this as an educational facility, among others, for our new generation, teaching them to care, to nurture, to respect, to value, to live amongst, and to love our native wildlife and surroundings.

This deliberate, unnecessary, intolerable violence will live on in this community for eternity, against our very own defenceless, peaceful, native, unique wildlife. Kevin rudd needs to do a quick re think on this brutal eradication of our native wildlife, before it's too late, for our native wildlife flora and fauna.

23/5/08 - ACT Eastern Grey Kangaroos Betrayed and Sacrificed by wildcare, NSW. Everyone who wants to SAVE our kangaroos, beware, if wildcare rings you, and offers to help you count the kangaroos, as they did me, deceiving me, when they actually had no intention to help me at all, nor did they want to count them to expose the truth, which would have saved all the kangaroos, deliberately over exaggerating the kangaroo population, is not only fraud, but a sure way to kill the innocent animals, or if they offer to help you with anything else, or if they ring you for information, hang up on them, because your kangaroos will end up the same way as ours, cruelly and unnecessarily butchered.

Hopefully this is a lesson learnt by everyone against wildcare, nsw, and to never let this happen again, from another wildlife group, their deceipt is quite shameful, from one who should be fighting for the same cause as us, but unfortunately aren't, never trust wildcare nsw, it is quite unfortunate that they have their own political agenda, because this slaughter would never have even started in the ACT, with a quicker outcome to turn the ACT government around to love and respect our native wildlife, and to assist us in saving them, rather than listening to advisors, with no expertise, and annihilating them.

The cruel massacre continued, with females piled into a corner, who were so stressed out, that they ripped their joeys out of their pouches and threw them down, with the joeys then baited by the contractors with apparently poisoned pellets, who were watched to drop down and collapse.

Other Joeys were cruelly scooped up and smashed against the vehicle.

These barbarians did not set up a soft, warm recovery area for other animals coming out of sedation, that they wanted to use for cruel research, including practicing cruel translocation, which the world has now witnessed the reality of how cruel the translocation process is, killing the kangaroos trying to escape through stress/shock/accidents, breaking their legs, necks, spine, etc., mothers throwing out their joeys from their pouches,(that unfortunately wildcare, NSW, had deceived the world into believing, that it was humane, and would save all the kangaroos, by their heading on the website linked to their petition, wildcare, NSW also deceiving the world with the population they claimed was on the bnts site, which they never counted, telling me that it would take weeks to count and were not interested in counting them, just agreeing with the defence population, which I had already exposed as being fraudulent, with further deceipt by wildcare, NSW), and failed to provide treatment for the injured.

These animals are live animals, not stuffed toys for the inexperienced, including wildcare, NSW, to use as target practice or experimenting on, and it is cruel, causing needless suffering to the innocent, defenceless animals.

Everyone involved in this cruel senseless cold blooded murder, including the rspca, had no expertise, and did not know what they were doing.

Apart from the fact that this massacre should never have taken place in the first place, with not only 100 roos being able to be counted, on the entire 116ha site, the unnecessary cold blooded murder should have been immediately abandoned, the instant it commenced when they realised on how cruel and devastating/destructive, inhumane it all was, and indeed, the prime minister should have ordered the abandonment of this cruel unnecessary slaughter, if the welfare of the animals had top priority, which as you can see, it never did.

The housing development could easily have been relocated, (a small weston community fought the stanhope government, and successfully stopped the proposed housing development on their native eucalypt arboretum,) imagine the success all the wildlife, animal liberation, groups, etc, - much larger than the small weston community - would have had, if we all would have worked together in our fight to genuinely save all the kangaroos, by putting the welfare of the kangaroos first, instead of wildcare, NSW politics, to relocate this bnts site housing development, to the international arboretum, and indeed, save all the kangaroos, leaving them all on the bnts site, we would be now looking forward to our city Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary, with the top priority being what was the most humane action to take for the kangaroos, which was to leave them where they had lived their entire life.

There was no abnormality in the development of the joeys that were raised on the bnts site, and no deformities in any of the kangaroos.

22/5/08 - The illegal cruel, cold blooded murders continued of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos. After emailing and phoning the police, I was informed that once again the wrong person was arrested in the afternoon, based on the instructions from someone who was illegally trespassing and killing our native kangaroos on the former bnts site, that was claimed by the indigenous people, 9am, 21/5/08. I have requested an explanation on why tams, defence, the rspca and other unauthorised personnel are still on the former bnts site, and still illegally killing our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and why the newly erected fences haven't been dismantled.

21/5/08 - Animal cruelty, incompetence, negligence continued on the bnts site, by the rspca, kevin rudd, peter garrett, the greens, jon stanhope, defence, tams, maxine cooper, etc, while a kangaroo jumped up and broke it's neck attempting to escape the psychopaths, unjustly herding and butchering our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Other kangaroos were seen staggering around, trying to get up, falling down again, blood on their nose, severely injuring themselves, in the freezing cold, with no one in attendance.

Live animals were bagged and dumped on the trailers.

Do the rspca, kevin rudd, jon stanhope, defence, tams, the greens, maxine cooper, etc feel like heroes butchering innocent defenceless animals, does it help them sleep at night, when they have been informed of the facts, that the population was already low, with only under 100 roos living on the bnts site, where they failed to meet up with WCG, to thoroughly investigate before this unnecessary cruel mass slaughter took place, when they should've done everything in their power to avoid this unnecessary butchering, which indeed is NOT necessary, as they claim??

We are unfortunately left with a new government who has failed to sack the corrupt, who have conspired to commit fraud in their reports, where it has been brought to their attention that no one had expertise in this field, had a serious conflict of interest, with who they took advice from, and failed to meet up with WCG, (except for Maxine Cooper), even though promised meetings, and indeed advised to mark emails as URGENT and CURRENT, who did/does not have a conflict of interest in this matter, and did/does have expertise.

The WCG submitted Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary was never recommended by either of these people to avoid killing and translocation, (as we witnessed the cruel process of the translocation, with the kangaroos severely injuring themselves, and killing themselves in the process), at all costs.

All of the above government agencies, including the rspca, are being held accountable for extreme animal cruelty, AND MORE.

The indigenous were unlawfully arrested by police, for rightfully entering the site, and claiming it back, placing their flag, and their fire inside the site.

It seems that the police are quick to come out when defence, or tams ring them, and quick to arrest the innocent, but when called out for illegal shootings inside the bnts site, and illegal killings of the native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, they refuse to attend. they need to get their priorities right.

When you don't break the law you are arrested, when they DO break the law, nothing is done, and so the corruption, conspiracy, fraud, cruelty, is allowed to continue.

Is kevin rudd going to clean up this corruption, conspiracy, cruelty, and fraud?

Even though the police arrested the indigenous, and confiscated their flag, the bnts site has been seized, and officially claimed by the elders, therefore, tams, defence, the rspca, etc who are currently on the bnts site are now trespassing, I expect them to be arrested, removed from the site, and the roos left alone, all the newly erected fences to be immediately dismantled, hessian removed from the old kangaroo enclosure fencing.

20/5/08 - Negotiations with Kevin Rudd's office have broken down. I once again phoned Kevin Rudd's office, to end this disaster, and have the newly erected fences dismantled, to avoid any further animal cruelty, just to be informed that Kevin Rudd is reneging on his pre election promise to step in and stop the stanhope government, defence and the rspca to clean up corruption, an application to kill the native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, based on fraud, a licence that had expired in July 2007, to implement WCG Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary.

Unfortunately Kevin Rudd's office informed me today, that they support the jon stanhope government, defence and the rspca's act of animal cruelty, unnecessarily butchering under 100 kangaroos that live on the site.

19/5/08 - The cruel, unncecessary butchering of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos commenced, in the view of the public media. I was busy making phone calls to try and stop this senseless butchering of our innocent native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and was informed that the cruel butchering of these innocent animals, commenced on Saturday 17/5/08. On 17/5/08, I handed cash over to the indigenous, to assist them to seize the bnts site, and claim it, to stop the cruel, unnecessary roo slaughter.

Tears fell as the cruel unnecessary slaughter took place, watching the innocent animals fall, get up, fighting for their lives, and fall again, while wildcare's cruel, unnecessary, translocation proposal was put into place, with apparently 40 of the kangaroos being translocated, if they survive.

Joeys and kangaroos were fleeing, trampling a kangaroo to death, while others jumped at the fence, attempting to escape the entrapment and cruelty, with the cruel unaccepted code of practice put in place to finish them off. Some broke their legs, attempting to escape, and were left there till the next day, suffering. An absolute blood bath.

The rspca, defence, the act government, and the rest of their advisors, have a lot to answer for.

My proposal recommended to relocate the housing development to the international arboretum, not to the eucalyptus arboretum in Weston, yet the stanhope government, wanted to wipe out more native flora, for housing development.

Defence claiming that they have to die, NO THEY DO NOT HAVE TO DIE, a perfectly reasonable proposal was submitted by WCG for a Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary.

These advisors insisting on cruel unnecessary killings, attempting to wipe out our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos must go. The rest of our native wildlife flora and fauna will follow, if the Kevin Rudd government, and Peter Garrett, does not step in and put an end to this government's actions, and of course have lost all credibility, in representing Australia, to save the whales, and our environment, universally.

14/5/08 - I was extremely outraged by NSW wildcare, to find that NSW wildcare's petition and link to NSW wildcare's website are requesting money for the ACT Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

WCG is strongly opposed to NSW wildcare requesting money for our ACT roos, and strongly recommend that, no one, should donate any money to this website, or for the purpose of collecting money for our ACT Eastern Grey Kangaroos. NSW wildcare didn't fund any of the protests in this matter, are out of their jurisdiction, and have no right in requesting donations for the ACT Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

WCG is the local group in the ACT, with volunteer members funding the WCG banners, which unfortunately were destroyed the very next day we put them up, along with the rest of the work, investigations, proposals, etc., dedicated in the fight to save all the kangaroos, that has been funded by Nora Preston, who has worked extremely hard as a volunteer on these matters, who also works as a volunteer to run WCG.

No money has been requested from the public, or other organisations who fund campaigns such as these, even though WCG is not government funded, and has little or no resources for all this work.

WCG has been involved in this matter out of necessity, to investigate, expose and stop the misleading press releases, and advisory committees, misrepresentation, mismanagement of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and the rest of our wildlife, to reinstate our native sick, injured, orphaned ACT kangaroos for full term rehabilitation onto the wildlife rehabilitation licence, to end the unnecessary cruel slaughters, misrepresentation, mismangement, and translocation, of our ACT kangaroos, and not to use this devastation/destructive behaviour by our government advisors, and the rspca, as a money making venture, or for profiteering.

Unfortunately we are in a serious climate change state, because of this type of destructive behaviour towards our wildlife/environment, which can only worsen to the state of being irreversible, if someone like myself isn't here to investigate, expose, and put an end to everyone who are involved in giving false statements/advice, and who have no expertise in the areas they have been placed in, to be giving advice on.

UPDATE - 2/5/08 - Defence BNTS site visit - I met with General Cosson, and a defence female environmentalist, who drove me (Nora Preston) around the site, inside the kangaroo enclosure. I (Nora Preston) took photos of the mobs, and found that there were approx. under 100 kangaroos inside the site, (confirming my count in May 2007), which were obscured from the outside looking in, when we inspected the site on previous occasions, since the hessian lined new fences were erected.

Most of the mobs were made up of approx. 8, the largest mob being approx 16, with only 1 mob seen with that population. One of the mobs was counted twice, so that didn't count, as we drove around the entire site.

It is easy to count the same mob of kangaroos repeatedly, after they flee.

We saw approx. 4-5 separate mobs, all spread out on the 116ha site, so there most certainly isn't 590 kangaroos, 300 kangaroos, or even 200 kangaroos on the BNTS site, we are pushing it to claim that there are 100 kangaroos in the kangaroo enclosure on the BNTS site.

I couldn't see any troughs, and if there were any, I wasn't able to inspect them to see if they had any water in them, however, even if they do have troughs, it is still cruel to deprive these kangaroos of the water ways, where they like to have the occasional swim. Families are still separated.

I was unable to inspect the condition of the kangaroos, most of them were grazing as we drove around, with a couple lying down. The kangaroos are very nervous upon approach, and will flee. A high powered telephoto lens is needed to inspect the kangaroos from a distance.

The site has fully recovered since last year's original application by defence to kill our ACT roos, which has expired since July 2007, and most certainly does not apply with the population that we saw today, the condition of the site, with no evidence of any reptiles being without any cover, or any other wildlife suffering, or being driven to extinction, living with our Eastern Grey Kangaroos, except for on the well driven tracks around the site, damage, which is man made.

This licence is null and void.

RECOMMENDATION 1. There does not have to be any relocation, or any slaughtering of our ACT kangaroos on the site, they are indeed only a small mob living on the 116ha, plenty of room for them to lose each other in, they need to be left alone, to live where they have lived all their lives, without any further interference of them, they have suffered enough, and certainly will not survive any further interference and cruelty inflicted upon them.

RECOMMENDATION 2. The approx. 500 metres, that is costing taxpayers, $9.25/linear metre, (unknown if this is calculated and charged on a daily basis), of newly erected hessian (unknown cost of hessian), lined fences, that was erected in early March, must be dismantled immediately, to allow the families to regroup, and to give all the mobs easy access to the water system.

RECOMMENDATION 3. The already expired and void application to kill our kangaroos, and licence to be withdrawn.

RECOMMENDATION 4. The entire 136.8ha BNTS site to be turned into WCG already submitted and proposed Kangaroo Park (116ha original existing kangaroo enclosure and kangaroos)/Wildlife Sanctuary, Educational facilities, Wildlife Hospital with public viewing surgery, cafes, viewing platforms, wildlife rehabilitation enclosures, with the possibility of using the already existing buildings on the site, Wildlife Carers Group/Nora Preston copyright 2007/2008.

To avoid any further animal cruelty, negligence, incompetence, and requests for unncecessary killings, and translocation, RECOMMENDATION 5. Disengage the rspca.

RECOMMENDATION 6. Disengage wildcare, NSW.

WCG already submitted proposal commenced in May 2007 with the completion of the BNTS site map drawing on 21/3/08.

Plagiarism will not be tolerated of WCG already submitted proposal, or any part of WCG already submitted proposal either on the BNTS site or anywhere else.

If you haven't already signed our 2 WCG Petitions, To help make this happen, Please keep signing the Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary, Online petition - Save ALL the Kangaroos, and the reinstate our ACT kangaroos onto our rehabilitation licence for full term rehabilitation of our sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos Online petition - Reinstate Our ACT Kangaroos onto The Rehabilitation Licence petitions

25/4/08 - We inspected the Lawson site today and found that the newly erected fences were still in tact with added newly erected fences, depriving some of the kangaroos from the water, with just a small opening, enough to let a car drive through, on the road tracks on the site.

It is obvious that it is important to keep signing our petitions. Please sign both of the petitions to help save ALL of our Native Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Some local, national, international abbreviated media releases for Online petition - Save ALL the Kangaroos 13 May 2007,, 14 May 2007,, 20 May 2007,,,, 25 May 2007,, 7 March 2008, and for Online petition - Reinstate Our ACT Kangaroos onto The Rehabilitation Licence, 23 April 2007.

19/4/08 - Thank you to Viva for all their support in having our petition link added to their website. Viva have now removed the petition links from their website, with a note from Justin, explaining that this is a kangaroo management problem, and that Viva is there to prevent the kangaroo meat importation into the UK, which they have almost, successfully stopped, and that they will now concentrate on those issues, however, Viva,, have added our website link to their 'save the kangaroos'website,, click on links, then click on Wildlife Carers Group.

5/4/08 - Click on Online petition - Reinstate Our ACT Kangaroos onto The Rehabilitation Licence and sign this petition to Reinstate our ACT Native Eastern Grey Kangaroos for full term rehabilitation of our Native sick, injured, orphaned Eastern Grey Kangaroos onto the ACT Rehab. licence. PLEASE help spread the word, send the link to everyone else you know, your mailing list, and add this link to your websites. PLEASE sign as individuals, rather than as couples and families on one line, to increase the numbers. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT.

We have been forced to copyright our site map and proposed Kangaroo Park/Wildlife Sanctuary, which now has more information on it, to avoid plagiarism.

Nora Preston, Founder/President of WCG - Wildlife Carers Group, began rehabilitating wildlife in the early '80's.

ACT EGK's were rehabilitated in carers back yards, with their fences extended, to prevent them from escaping.

Our ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Eastern Grey Kangaroos were removed off our rehabilitation licence in mid 1980's, to prevent us from rehabilitating our sick, injured, orphaned NATIVE Eastern Grey Kangaroos, (EGK's) claiming, that our EGK's were not native to the ACT.

In 2005, Nora Preston, President and Founder of Wildlife Carers Group, (WCG) applied for and was issued with a licence by TAMS (Territory and Municipal Services), with a Rehabilitation Carers Licence, to rehabilitate sick, injured, orphaned native animals/wildlife.

Nora Preston contacted the Licensing Officer and the Local Chief Minister Jon Stanhope of the Labor Party, and pointed out to them that our Native EGK's were indeed native to the ACT, that the licence was incorrect and needed to be amended, and to include the full term rehabilitation of our Native EGK's.

Nora Preston - WCG, received A formal letter from both Jon Stanhope and the Licensing Officer at that time, from TAMS, apologising for the error, and amended the licence, however, only amended rehabilitation for 48 hours, instead of the required full term rehabilitation, and then want the healthy animals destroyed.

Failing to amend the Rehabilitation Licence to full term rehabilitation of our sick, injured, orphaned EGK's, allows acts of cruelty, cruelly and unnecessarily killing/destroying EGK's that are healthy, and have every prospect of a successful rehabilitation.

This ACT licence is being governed under an old 1996 report.

Furthermore, Research has been cruel by TAMS, with Bromocriptine fertility research, which is an oral administration, suppressing the milk from the joey, slowly starving it to death, page 64/65 in Report 3, or cruelly ripping the joey from it's mothers pouch, causing bleeding of the mouth, with further hemorrhaging, injuries, and death. The 1996 ACT Kangaroo Advisory Council 3 Reports are on arooadvisorycommitteereports

These are all acts of cruelty, therefore in breach of the animal welfare act, and will have to stop.

This report will show how out of date the current advisory council is, working off a report, reported in August 1996, however, Report 1, page 5/6, that was stating a report in late 1994, also recommended that the culling must stop, because they 'were over culling our native kangaroos', and yet, the wildlife rehabilitation licence was never updated to include full term rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos to allow the recovery of the EGK's population, which has continued to rapidly decline.

Report 2, page 5, first paragraph, then contradicts Report 1, claiming that 'this licence specifically excludes Eastern Grey Kangaroos because of their abundance in the ACT', which is describing the Rehabilitation licence.

The ACT is the only state in Australia that cruelly prevents the full term rehabilitation of our sick, injured, orphaned Native EGK's.

The advisory council is made up of the kangaroo commercial industry, farmers, rspca, (who categorise our native EGK's as feral on their website) etc, all who have a serious conflict of interest with kangaroos, and want them to be driven to extinction, with the mentality that 'wildlife can't live amongst humans' which was quoted to Nora Preston by the head ranger of TAMS, and the local government who was in charge of the environment file at the time, with absolutely no regard to the destruction they were causing to our environment, conservation, or the animal rights and welfare.

It is time to put the environment and wildlife first, to be educated, come back into this century, civilisation, and start acting like civilised, educated people.

For animal welfare reasons, the Rehabilitation licence must be amended and reinstate the full term rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned Native EGK's.

To prevent road kills, the shooroo needs to be modified, so that it can be activated in the vehicles, when travelling at any speed.

WCG Saving and Caring for our Environment, Conservation, and all of our Native Wildlife.

3/4/08 - An email sent to me at Xmas 2007, filled with gratitude and appreciation for all of my hard work and fight to stop the cruel and unnecessary roo kill, which I kept all the media up to date with to assist/guide them to run their stories, from one of the grateful media.

"Go the kangas, Nora!! Thanks for your tireless efforts in 2007, have a great Christmas and keep up the good wildlife work in 2008." Sent by - "Rosslyn Beeby, Science & Environment, The Canberra Times."

Wildlife Carers Group Petition is on Viva, and the Viva's 'save the kangaroos' websites, please click on the 'Wildlife Carers Group' link, with the full support of Sir Paul McCartney to STOP the cruel and unnecessary roo killings who says: "there is an urgent need for action to protect kangaroos from a barbaric industry which slaughters them for meat and leather..." Sir Paul McCartney.


3/4/08 - After constant emails and phone calls by Nora Preston, WCG, to the Rudd government, Maxine Cooper and her office, and Peter Garrett's office, some of the Newly erected fences are finally dismantled, after cruelly separating the families, allowing the roos to regroup with their families, and giving them full access to the water again.

2/4/08 - Stanhope government backs down on roo cull, for now. Nora Preston, President/Founder of Wildlife Carers Group, was promised by Kevin Rudd's office, last year, before the elections, that if the stanhope government did not stop the roo cull, including the defence sites proposed roo killing, that they would step in and stop the stanhope government.

It took a lot of hard work, with Research/Investigations by Nora Preston, liaising with Maxine Cooper, Commissioner of Sustainability and the Environment, and her office, submitting proposals to her, exposing her NON 'expert' panel, after stanhope handed over the roo cull file to her, constant phone calls, emails, photos, attachments, evidence by Nora Preston, to both Peter Garrett's and Kevin Rudd's office, and to the local, national and international media, so that they could report/interview everyone on the topics Nora Preston raised, and expose the Lies, and the facts, linked with the cruel and unnecessary roo kill, to finally convince the Rudd government and Peter Garrett, to keep their pre election promise to Nora Preston last year, and to step in, and stop the stanhope government's cruel and unnecessary roo kill.

It has certainly been a full time job, for which Nora does not get a wage for, nor to run the WCG group, but the current outcome, has all been worth it.

There is still a lot of work to be done, so please keep signing our petition, click on Online petition - Save ALL the Kangaroos and sign the petition, Please send it onto everyone else, and put it onto your websites, and sign individually, rather than putting couples and families on one line, to increase the numbers please, thanks, so we can convince them to go ahead with our Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary Proposal, with rehabilitation facilities, and save our future native kangaroos, all around the ACT.

UPDATE - 1/4/08 - We also need to change the ACT rehabilitation licence, to reinstate the full term rehabilitation of our sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

Relocation has proven to be devastating, stressful and cruel to the kangaroos by separating them from their families, which means the incorrect mobs will be relocated together, that will cause shock/death, and is really just a profiteering exercise for whoever engages in this activity.

The Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary Proposal will prove to be the most humane option to take, and I have requested that the government and defence take the time to carefully consider and recommend, this option to save all the kangaroos, over wildcare's option to unnecessarily relocate, thereby saving ALL the kangaroos.

The population is small at the BNTS site, last year we counted under 100 kangaroos, last week we counted approx. 20.

The government has shown in media releases that they really don't know what the kangaroo population is, ranging from 32 million in last weeks media release, to this weeks, even Maxine Cooper 15 million, and Jon Stanhope 22? or 24? million, couldn't agree to what the Australia wide kangaroo population is.

We have the same devastation now to what we had in 1994, over culling, grossly over exaggerating the kangaroo population by the commercial roo industry, farmers, advisory panels, etc.

An End to the senseless, cruel, unnecessary kangaroo killings/relocation, avoiding acts of animal cruelty, must be urgently put into place.

The immediate reinstatement for full term rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned Eastern Grey Kangaroos on the rehabilitation licence.

As far as the Kaleen residents are concerned, they bought their properties near the BNTS site because there was no housing there, and were close to the kangaroos, giving them a high property valuation, taking that away from them, with now putting a housing development in place, will drastically reduce the value of their properties.

The hessians were never removed, and are spooking the kangaroos as they wildly flap around in the wind, causing undue stress, cruelty, shock and disorientation.

The newly erected fences must be immediately dismantled, to allow the families to regroup again.

24/3/08 - URGENT - PLEASE help us save ALL our kangaroos on BNTS Site, click on Online petition - Save ALL the Kangaroos and sign the petition, Please send it onto everyone else, and put it onto your websites, thanks. Check out some of the abbreviated local, national and international media releases, 13 May 2007,, 20 May 2007,, 25 May 2007,, 7 March 2008,, 23 May 2007,

None of our Kangaroos have to die, or go through the stress of relocation, with our proposed Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. The relocation process has already proven to show complete chaos, causing suffering to our kangaroos, separating them from their families, which is causing stress, shock, which will be followed by death.

We have proposed a Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary as opposed to cruelly and unnecessarily killing or relocating our kangaroos, with the existing enclosure and kangaroos remaining untouched; the largest Wildlife Hospital in Australia, with public viewing in the surgery; educational facilities; rehabilitation facilities; viewing platforms; cafes; extra enclosures for rehabilitating sick, injured, orphaned native kangaroos/macropods, among our other native wildlife, with an attached map of the proposed site, which is unfortunately incomplete, since we had to put it together very quickly.

The ACT City Kangaroo Park and Wildlife Sanctuary will boost the tourism industry in the ACT, and will ultimately help save the rest of the ACT Kangaroos from unnecessary, cruel killing.

16/3/08 - THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING - Roo cull PROTEST on defence site.


It was a good turn out, and a peaceful protest, which was televised nationally on ABC, Prime/ch.7, Channel 10/Southern Cross 10, although WIN was there, I'm not sure if it was televised nationally, internationally with the Japanese TV crew also there, they'll make a field day out of it, to compare it against their whaling, and other media were also present.

For those of you who couldn't attend, toilets were set up, the aborigines have put up a tent embassy on the site, we had a FREE bbq. using vege sausages, onions, bread, cold bottled water, and a brochure was handed out, with some Kaleen residents also attending, with one of them handing out copies of the Final Expert Report - 19 February 2008, and his disgust against maxine cooper's so called expert panel, marked with his comments.

The brochure handed out had Sir Paul McCartney's gratitude expressed to all the groups getting in there to fight against the cull and to stop it:

"Without reservation I support the Australian groups fighting to save the kangaroo. The killing is a disgrace - cruel and entirely profit-motivated. The kangaroo is one of Australia's original inhabitants, deserving both respect and compassion." Sir Paul McCartney.

Let's hope the government takes notice of this, and immediately reverse their decision to unnecessarily cull our native roos.


13/3/08 - My investigation to cruelty to the Eastern Grey Kangaroos at the defence Lawson site has finally paid off for our native animals.

The defence site in lawson finally slightly opened up the newly erected fences to allow the Eastern Grey Kangaroos, to get to the water.

While that is a step in the right direction, we need to have all the newly erected fences immediately removed altogether, and the site turned into a Kangaroo/macropod park tourist attraction, which will save ALL the roos on the site, preventing any further stress, shock and death to the native animals.

PROTEST - 9am, Saturday 15 March 2008, Macleod St, Lawson, opposite Kaleen School, off Baldwin/Haydon Drive.

HELP SAVE OUR ROOS - 12/3/08 - The saga continues.

Defence are handing over this Lawson site to the act government, as a gift, for housing development. Email:,,,, Minister of Environment, Heritage and the Arts, Peter Garrett at, or,,, and ask defence to withdraw the offer of the Lawson site, as a gift to the act government. email:,, and turn it into a roo park tourist attraction, use the profits to help with their own defence costs, and help cut taxes in the process. Fact sheet handed out by Defence last year 5/7/2007, at the summit.

I draw your attention to paragraph 2:

.....Belconnen is a decommissioned site and is no longer operational. The site is currently surplus to Defence needs and is subject to disposal in the next 2-5 years.

Stanhope government wants this land, he claims, for 'low cost housing', therefore the EPBC Act listed endangered ecological communities such as the Natural Temperate Grassland, and Golden Sun Moth, that defence, stanhope and maxine cooper claim they want saved, will all be wiped out, THROUGH HOUSING DEVELOPMENT.

I'd be very surprised if 'low cost housing' would be built on the defence site, with the views, they would more than likely be extremely high cost housing.

More deliberate false, misleading media releases, with their only inappropriate intention to unnecessarily slaughtering the small mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos that survive there, equivalent to the unnecessary cruel googong dam butchering of our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos in 2004.

Save our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and stop the slaughter.


There are two Defence sites in the ACT, namely Belconnen Naval Transmitting Station and Majura Training Area where an overabundance of Eastern grey Kangaroos have been identified

Belconnen Naval Transmitting Station is located in the suburb of Lawson in the ACT. It is a 136.8 hectare site with an 116ha area enclosed by a security fence. Belconnen is a decommissioned site and is no longer operational. The site is currently surplus to Defence needs and is subject to disposal in the next 2-5 years.

Majura Training Area is located off Majura Road in the ACT. It is a 3932 hectare site with stock fencing. The Majura Training Area is an important capability asset to the ACT/SNSW region of Defence. It supports military training for cadets from Australian Defence Force Academy and Royal Military College and other Defence units around the country.

Defence has an environmental policy and an Environmental Management System in place The ACT SNSW region of Defence has a responsibility to sustainably manage the environment within the Defence's regional estate. This responsibility includes the management of overabundant species such as Eastern Grey Kangaroos and the protection of threatened species in accordance with legislative obligations under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Ad 1999 (F.PRC Act) (see Figure 3).

Both sites support EPBC Act listed endangered ecological communities such as the Natural Temperate Grassland and the White Box Yellow-Box Blakey's Red Gum Grassy Woodland at Majura These endangered communities support several EPBC Act threatened species such as the Grassland Earless Dragon, Striped Legless lizard and the Golden Sun Moth. Belconnen is also listed on the Commonwealth Heritage List and the Register of the National Estate for its significant natural values and Golden Sun Moth Habitat. (See Figures 4- 8).

Defence has commissioned or supported the monitoring of both the kangaroos and the threatened species at both sites Kangaroo monitoring has been ongoing at both sites since 2004. The last kangaroo monitoring for Belconnen in March 2007 indicated that there were 505 kangaroos on the site, a density of 4.4 animals per hectare (see Figure 1). The October 2006 monitoring results for Majura indicated a population of 5 739 which equates to a density of 1.46 animals per hectare These numbers were adjusted to the effective density of 2.04 animals per hectare to account for the exclusion of unsuitable kangaroo habitat. The June 2007 results for kangaroo monitoring indicated a population of 8 798 kangaroos at Majura with an effective density of 3.1 animals per hectare (see Figure 2).

The issues surrounding kangaroos and threatened species are very different at both sites. The issue at Belconnen is one of animal welfare as the kangaroos cannot move off-site and may be in danger of exceeding the available food supply The issue at Majura is about sustainably managing the environment to ensure the ongoing survival of threatened species. END OF DEFENCE FACT SHEET

Please note, that turning the Lawson defence site into a roo park tourist attraction will not only save all the Eastern Grey Kangaroos, prevent any further stress, and death, that relocation will cause, but will also help to cut taxes for tax payers, with defence keeping the site, rather than handing the site over to the ACT government, and being able to use their profits from the roo park, to assist with the high defence costs.

The only cost effective and most humane action to take on the Lawson Defence site is to turn the site into a kangaroo/macropod park tourist attraction.

Taxpayers cannot be expected to pay out for every madness of this government's whim, which will come at an extremely high price to taxpayers, and to the animals.

Animal cruelty is currently occurring on this site with the kangaroos totally stressed out, with fences being built, separating them from their families and depriving them from the water in 30 degrees heat.

These fences NEED to be immediately pulled down, and the kangaroos left alone.

I had a meeting with Maxine Cooper yesterday, 11/3/08.

The Maxine Cooper report appears to be as fraudulent as the defence application to cull the roos.

Yesterday, 11/3/08, They were advised to:

turn the site into a Roo Park tourist attraction.

The only cost effective and most humane action to take on the Lawson Defence site is to turn the site into a kangaroo/macropod park tourist attraction.

Taxpayers cannot be expected to pay out for every inappropriate whim of this government, which will come at an extremely high price to taxpayers, and to the animals.

licence to cull the roos expired last July, 2007, and is now null and void, with a fraudulent application stating the:

incorrect roo population on the site, based/calculated on the entire macropod population in Australia, and

reasons for the cull, claiming

1. the roos were wiping out the natural temperate grasslands, golden sun moth, perunga grasshopper, and

2.were starving


1. it is in breach of the animal welfare act to butcher healthy animals, and in this case, unnecessarily.

2. animal cruelty on the site by putting up fences depriving them of water in 30 degrees heat, separating them from their families, and are causing stress and chaos, with the kangaroos bouncing off the fences.

The site is contaminated with leaking toxic waste and toxic sprays, and is a health risk.

They are the reason for the site's condition, and the extinction of natural temperate grasslands, golden sun moth, perunga grasshopper, not the roos.

I visited the Lawson site yesterday, I will return to the site to continue the investigation of animal cruelty.

This ACT government is receiving advice from an advisory council who have a serious conflict of interest, in advising on roos.

They appear to fall under the 'corrupt' category, with the advisory council made up of the rspca, who accept free roo meat from the roo commercial industry, and feed it to rspca wildlife, attempting to corrupt my members with it as well, which places the rspca under the category of also being in breach of the animal welfare act, by encouraging the cruel not to mention unnecessary butchering of our roos, which they have done, inappropriately, since 1984; the commercial roo industry; farmers; graziers, housing development (HIA?), etc.

You may well ask, what do these people know about roos. The answer is, absolutely nothing.

They all need to be sacked as swiftly as the woolongong city council was just recently sacked for corruption, conflict of interest, you name it, you can sack them for it, and save our wildlife.

Saving our native Wildlife.

Code of Practice - Inhumane Methods - Website:


Submissions to be lodged by 6/3/08.

Code of Practice

Although I am going through this picking out all the mistakes, shooters must be retired out, with shooting banned, unless the animal is suffering and cannot be treated and rehabilitated.

Shooting would be the last resort of method to be used, and only used as a humane method of euthanasia.

Whatever you put on paper, they are ignored, with the shooters refusing to admit that they simply are not sharp shooters, are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and more than likely suffering from sleep deprivation.

Most importantly, this Code of Practice is in breach of the animal welfare act, which will place the workers group, who are quite clearly not kangaroo/macropod experts, and are seriously in conflict of interest in this area, and the shooters, vulnerable to charges being laid against them followed by court action, for breaching the animal welfare act.

Further more, the macropod population is being driven to extinction with the insistence of continued cruel butchering of our native wildlife, and mismanagement by the workers group, and other related advisory councils, who have a serious conflict of interest and no knowledge, or tolerance of macropods.

This workers group are damaging our environment, driving our native wildlife to extinction.

Today we live in a civilised world.

Uncivilised behaviour that is encouraged by the workers group, in this code of practice, will no longer be tolerated.

Expect to suffer the consequences with this continued uncivilised behaviour, through prosecution for breach of the animal welfare act.

Workers group:

Most of the people are In serious conflict of interest to be accepted into this group.

Have no knowledge of native macropods.

No knowledge of the accurate population of the macropods.

Are driving our native macropods to extinction.

In breach of the animal welfare act, and could find themselves prosecuted under this act with their code of practice.

Replaced with macropod experts, with no conflict of interest.

Conflict of Interest is classified as, being paid by the government to eliminate wildlife, using macropod and/or other wildlife products/parts, cruel scientific research, paid by the government, earns their livelihood from macropods and/or other wildlife, feels that macropods &/or other wildlife effect their livelihood, personal-hate macropods &/or other wildlife and want to drive them to extinction, etc.

While some code of practice may sound good on paper, however this one does not meet this criteria, they are never followed.


Under the influence of alcohol, drugs, suffering from sleep deprivation or mental illness.

Not sharp shooters.


To be retired out.

In breach of the animal welfare act and could find themselves prosecuted.

Photos (check out to view these photos)

Photos show the cruel bashing to death of a joey, till it's eyes popped out, at the googong dam cull near the ACT, in NSW, in 2004, and darting gone wrong on a defence site, where the kangaroo was able to either hop into the water and drown, or was darted in or near the water, and drowned.

This type of cruelty - bashing to death, etc., and negligence - darting gone wrong, etc., will be prosecuted under the animal welfare act.

Competence is extremely important, no matter what the circumstances, knowing the exact amount of anaesthetic to use in the dart gun, for the weight of the animal, so that it is immediately put to sleep, and cannot continue to hop around so that it drowns, or gets hit by a vehicle, which will otherwise fall under negligence, and in shooting a severely injured animal.

2.5 Condition

Target animal

Follow up (i) The shooter must be certain that each kangaroo or wallaby is dead before another is targeted, (ii) and (iii) are all contradictory to 2.4 Shooting procedures: which states that more than one kangaroo or wallaby in a mob may be shot before the carcasses are retrieved by the shooters.

Follow up (iii) is a rather confused message, the female kangaroo has already been shot, now they have an independent young that can't be shot, then the female can't be shot. It's all a little too late, the female with a joey has obviously already been shot.

Too late.

Don't shoot them in the first place.

2.4 must be deleted. Is not feasible - It is not possible to know that all the other macropods are dead, if they are allowed to shoot more than one before retrieving them.

This whole section can be deleted.

It is cruel and in breach of the animal welfare act.

Shooters to be retired out.

The whole section 2 to be replaced with:

Shooting is only to be used as a very last resort, as a method of humane euthanasia, or taken to the vet to be humanely euthanased, using lethobarb injection.

Top priority is to hand in all joeys that are sick, injured or orphaned, to wildlife carers or the vet for treatment and rehabilitation.

3. Shooting for Commercial Purposes

Commercial Industry to be shut down.

With states having different rules on shooting, it is clear that humanity does not enter into this game.

Accurate population of our native macropods are not available, and are being driven to extinction by this industry.

Cruel and in breach of the animal welfare act.

Native Macropods are not fit for pet or human consumption.

As they go into shock, their shock related diseases flare up, as their carcasses rot, harmful bacteria flares up.

Combine the harmful bacteria related diseases flaring up, along with their shock related diseases, distributed to the consumer, who ingests the contaminated meat, will also have the same harmful bacteria related diseases and shock related diseases flare up inside them, slowly, all thanks to the commercial industry who also lacks in proper health and hygiene care.

No licences to be issued to the commercial industry.

Shooting for the purpose of the Commercial industry banned.

3.1 Competency

Are the shooters who are requested to pass a competency test shown to be able to place 5 consecutive shots and hit MOVING targets within 75mm or 80mm diameter at a range of 80-100m? How do they get their practice in? By shooting moving, live animals?

In breach of the animal welfare act.

Method of euthanasia of pouch young is in breach of the animal welfare act.

Shooters to be retired out.

4. Shooting for non-commercial purposes and 4.1 competency:

No competency is necessary where the shooters are allowed to shoot in damage mitigation, recreational hunting, and for the provision of meat for pest animal control programs, along with scientific purposes, and animals that present a safety risk to humans - TO BE DELETED AND REPLACED.

4 and 4.1 is to be replaced.

Allowing anyone to go off on a shooting rampage, under the influence of alcohol, drugs, suffering sleep deprivation, perhaps a mental illness.

I find all of this very irresponsible advice by the working group.

In breach of the animal welfare act.

What is damage mitigation?

Animals, if we are still talking about our macropods, who actually don't present a safety risk to humans, however, if they need to be translocated, they only need to be shot with an anaesthetic gun, and translocated back where they came from.

They will need to be watched until they are fully awake and mobile again.

They don't need to be shot to death.

Recreational hunting to be banned.

It's cruel, quite unnecessary, totally uncivilised, and in breach of the animal welfare act.

Provision of meat for pest animal control programs. What's wrong with the local butcher using beef? What do you classify as a pest animal, our native dingo?

In breach of the animal welfare act, and further wiping out our native wildlife.

No licences/permits to be issued.

5. Euthanasing injured or sick macropods and 5.1 Conditions

Injured or sick macropods to be handed over to wildlife carers, or the vet for treatment and rehabilitation, or to be humanely euthanased if necessary using lethobarb injection.

Shooting by an expert only, as a last resort only, who is not under the influence of alcohol, drugs, suffering from sleep deprivation, or a mental illness.

5.1 (iii) A suitable hard and heavy blunt instrument must be used (e.g. metal pipe carried for this purpose) to be deleted.

This is not an acceptable code of practice, and anyone using this method, will find themselves prosecuted under the animal welfare act.

5.1 (iv) and (v) amended - If there is a joey, the healthy joey will be handed over to a wildlife carer or vet for rehabilitation.

6. Euthanasing pouch young and young at foot (joeys) and 6.1 Conditions:

Deleted and Amended - Single shot to the brain or heart of a healthy joey is not acceptable, nor is a forceful blow which destroys the functional capacity of the brain, or decapitation by rapidly severing the head from the body with a sharp blade, or forceful blow which destroys the functional capacity of the brain, swinging the head of the young against a solid metal object (e.g. tow bar of a vehicle), crushing the skull by using a blow delivered with a solid steel bar or 25mm diameter galvanised steel pipe.

These methods are totally uncivilised and will result in prosecution.

All joeys are to be handed into a wildlife carer or vet for rehabilitation.

7. Shooting for Special Circumstances

7.1 Shooting for scientific purposes

7.2 Conditions: shooting for scientific purposes

Deleted and Amended.

No permits will be granted for shooting macropods to obtain anatomical items such as intact skulls for diagnostic examination and museum reference collections, etc.

What's wrong with using the road kills, and severely injured macropods that need to be humanely euthanased?

Amended: Road kills, and severely injured wildlife that need to be humanely euthanased will be used to obtain anatomical items such as intact skulls for diagnostic examination and museum reference collections, etc.

7.3 Shooting of animals in non-commercial circumstances where it might be unsafe to use firearms listed in schedule 1 Part A and 7.4 Conditions....

Deleted/banned - no licences/permits to be issued.

Amended to the amended 6 and 6.1 - all sick, injured orphaned macropods to be handed over to wildlife carers or the vet.

If you wish to submit your own, and I strongly urge that you do, please click on

Once you enter their website, don't bother on clicking on invitations to comment, because all you'll get is a there are no comments...

Just email from your own email address, and I suggest you also send copies to all the other email addresses at the bottom of the pdf.

Feel free to use my above submission as a guide.

Submissions to be lodged by 6/3/08.


With 39 permits already granted to slaughter our almost extinct Eastern Grey Kangaroos in and around the ACT this season, at a huge expense to taxpayers, Help Wildlife Carers Group (WCG) and Demand where you want your taxpayers money to go to from now on, and Demand the Lies stop about our native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, by:

Emailing/sms the below information to the following please,, attention: Matthew Cossey,,,,,,, Dr Brendan Nelson,,, Tio Faulkner at Liberal MLA Vicki Dunne's office,THANK YOU:

Cease All fraudulent media releases and unfounded negative actions against the Eastern Grey Kangaroos (EGK's).

This government has a responsibility and is obligated to providing protection to all native wildlife, including our native EGK's.

Our native EGK's have the right to equal survival with the rest of our native wildlife.

The government's proposed cull around and in the ACT is:

Cruel and unnecessary. In breach of the animal welfare act.

EGK's not overabundant, (Wildlife Carers Group only had 36 EGK calls from 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007, from ACT and NSW, some were already dead), and are being driven to extinction because of mismanagement all over the whole of the ACT. Deliberately and knowingly driving EGK's to extinction.

Count fraudulent, calculated on what is believed to be the total population of macropods in Australia. No count has been undertaken in and around the ACT Science statements, fraudulent, by people who don't have any knowledge or expertise in kangaroos - no documented evidence, or research done to back up their allegations.

Deliberately and knowingly causing bodily harm and/or death through false media statements, leading to, by certain members of the public who torture our EGK's either to death, or leave to suffer a prolonged agonising death.


To turn the sites into Kangaroo Parks, as a tourist attraction, and turn them into multibillion dollar business.

Taxpayers money used to unnecessarily slaughter our native EGK's and drive them to extinction, to be used in a positive way to promote the ACT as a native wildlife haven, where you can see our native wildlife in their natural state.

To invent a device, or modify the current shuroo, that will deter kangaroos, both at a low speed and a high speed, and warn them of vehicles, to keep them off the road and stop road kills.

To supply and install these devices to all motor vehicles cost free.

To educate the public on living harmoniously with all our native wildlife.

To keep dogs under control and leashed, that are chasing our roos into suicide jumps off bridges, injuring them, onto roads, etc.

Defence Sites

The Defence sites roos have crashed, with not much reproduction happening, and will soon die out.


Set a site aside

to rehabilitate sick, injured, orphaned EGK's

change the rehab. licence for full term rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned EGK's in the ACT, asap, to be in par with the rest of Australia.

Prevention of full term rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned native EGK's is in breach of the animal welfare act.

The ACT is the only state throughout the whole of Australia, that disallows full term rehabilitation of our sick, injured, orphaned native EGK's.

EGK's not responsible for habitat loss or destruction, or driving any species to extinction - they are soft footed and environmentally friendly.

Loss of habitat, destruction, driving species to extinction has been caused by - Nature has taken it's toll, as it does, (thankfully the drought appears to be over now, with regeneration occuring) along with climate change, lack of trees on the belconnen site in lawson, and around the ACT as a whole, natural predators, and most of all, MAN.

Our wildlife have co-existed together for generations without destroying each others habitat and driving each other to extinction.

We further have grave concerns on this ACT government showing signs of discrimination against certain groups they agree to meet up with.

Currently, both the ACT government, and Defence have chosen, to only meet up with groups who want to unjustly slaughter the kangaroos, nothing other than a lynch mob, with unfounded reasons.

We expect to see this ACT government, and Defence, drop this discriminating behaviour asap, and agree to an early meeting with Wildlife Carers Group, and other interested groups, on this serious matter.

defence 'stakeholders' meeting held on 5 July 2007.

Everyone appeared to forget that it is all too little too late. The Eastern Grey Kangaroos have already been slaughtered on the majura site, between 7.45pm and midnight, behind campbell park, off majura drive, on 20 July 2007. Lawson site has not yet been confirmed.

The room was filled with a lynch mob, with none of them having any expertise in kangaroos, with the majority not having any expertise in any wildlife at all.

These are the paid advisory councils on kangaroo, and other wildlife management, who are, under the circumstances, through their ignorance in macropods and other wildlife, a waste of taxpayers money.

All they knew is that they hated kangaroos, wanted to drive them to extinction, launch a kangaroo hate campaign, and wanted a cruel blood bath. These people are all in breach of the animal welfare Act, insisting on a cruel slaughter. This species are being driven to extinction by these advisory councils.

The only thing that was missing was the white hooded sheet, with the eyes cut out, for the Ku Klux Klan.

The Ku Klux Klan tortured and lynched the *negroes and other innocent victims, in the USA, who claimed they represented law and order.

*In the 1800's, President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves by signing the Emancipation Proclamation, and the Fourteenth Amendment, which gave the negroes their citizenship.

The Kangaroo Ku Klux Klan was made up by the following: ~The rspca - ~ACT Government - municipal services ~ACT Rural landholders assoc; conservation council se region and canberra - (not true conservationists (true conservationists would be fighting against the roo kill)); cumberland ecology; dept of environment and water; ~friends of grasslands; hla; university of canberra, (UC); ~university of melbourne (a rep. working with defence, perhaps municipal services as well); csiro?

Having released the above list, not everyone spoke up, so perhaps some of the above would like to remove themselves from the Ku Klux Klan list.

~ These people definitely spoke up and want to kill.

Through my horror at what took place in that room, I may have missed some of the other groups who spoke up, and also wanted to kill.

The male from UC, who studied ecology, certainly doesn't practice it, he wanted to do things that he claims is the 'natural' way, to slaughter all the kangaroos and replace them with sheep, although he did not mention this on WIN News when he was interviewed after the meeting.

The last time I looked, sheep weren't australian native, kangaroos are.

So in fact, the 'natural' way, is to leave the kangaroos alone, alive and where they are, to allow them to continue their important co-existence, and maintain a healthy, well balanced eco system.

I'm not sure where a female representative came from, who claimed that she was also with COG (canberra ornithologists group - bird studiers), and began blaming the kangaroos for some of the birds being driven to extinction.

After the meeting closed, I explained to her that I was formally from COG, and on their committee in the late '80's. I was extensively involved in their research, and that kangaroos are not responsible for any birds being driven to extinction, that loss and destruction of habitat is man made, climate change and the current drought (which thankfully appears to be over now) was also responsible, along with their natural predators.

I cautioned her that these type of false accusations are sending individuals out to take the law into their own hands, and cruelly injure, and then leave them out there to die a slow agonising death, slaughter, torture our kangaroos to death.

So in fact, they are all also responsible for breaching the animal welfare act, by spreading science fiction, and enraging the public, not just the public who take the law into their own hands, and physically act on the false publicity that is fed to the media.

In the 80's, I was also a bird bander, attending field trips, trapping, record keeping, on weight, movement, sex, nesting, etc.

I began rehabilitating sick, injured, orphaned wildlife in the early 80's, when the rspca used to bring all the joeys, along with all the other wildlife for rehabilitation, to me.

Our EGK's and other wildlife have co-existed for generations without destroying each others habitat and driving each other to extinction.

Man is the perpetrator of this type of devastation.

Our wildlife have, and are, all assisting to maintain a healthy, well balanced eco system.

According to a representative from the chief minister's office, named Maria, The population to cull 3,200 EGK's, was calculated and based on the entire population of Australia, believed to be around 10 million.

No head count has taken place.

This figure is not current, and is believed to be the population of the entire macropod population, however, has rapidly declined since that estimate.

In mid May 2007 we counted only upto 100 kangaroos in the Lawson site, which everyone agreed, that the roos are easily visible there through lack of trees. Don Fletcher, from municipal services, claims they want to keep approx 120 or 140 EGK's on the site. This current EGK population is less than the figure they want to keep.

It appears that the EGK's on the Lawson site have crashed, with not much reproduction occurring anymore, because of their age, they are an old mob, so a fertility program doesn't appear to be necessary, as they are 'naturally' dieing out. The Kangaroo Park, will greatly benefit from an area put aside to rehabilitate sick, injured, orphaned EGK's, to build up the mob, before they all die out.

The Lawson site is a good site to be turned into a kangaroo park, which could be extended from their current 116ha that is enclosed. The total site is 136.8 hectare.

It needs to have a large area put aside for the rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned EGK's, with the current rehab. licence changed for full term rehabilitation of our sick, injured, orphaned native EGK's, to be in par with the rest of Australia.

Since the site is no longer operational and is currently a surplus to defence needs, with them wanting to dispose of the site within the next 2-5 years, the government can turn it into a multibillion dollar business for themselves, through the kangaroo park, and attract billions of tourists from all over the world to it.

If our Eastern Grey Kangaroos (EGK's) weren't so over culled in and around the ACT, and so low in numbers, with the refusal of full term rehabilitation of our sick, injured, orphaned EGK's, our 2003 bush fire may have been avoided, who keep the fuel down through their grazing.

Further more, being soft footed animals, are very environmentally friendly, and are therefore extremely important to the environment, because they do not destroy the landscape, habitat, or cause erosion.

municipal services and rspca, through their ignorance of macropods, and other wildlife, are being held responsible for kangaroos cruelly injured and left to die a slow and agonising death, including tortured to death, after repeated false/fraudulent statements made against Eastern Grey Kangaroos, concerning their grossly exaggerated population along with science fiction that they repeatedly release to the media.

Update 29/6/07 - Our Investigations obstructed by defence and NSW wildlife group wildcare, (who are out of their jurisdiction in the ACT, and do not have any knowledge of the roo population in the ACT) into rspca, municipal services, and defence, and their allegations against Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and population, by Defence as they reneged on their agreement that they entered into with us, and deny follow up meeting to save the roos, and access (without admitting to it) to Wildlife Carers Group and Wildlife Protection Association of Australia, to do the head count of kangaroos and inspection of both sites, who went ahead and killed the kangaroos, that commenced on Wednesday 20 June 2007, at 7.45pm, after a NSW wildlife group 'wildcare', who are out of their jurisdiction in the ACT, interfered on the prevention of the roo kill, who decided to go solo, behind our backs, and approach defence with their proposal, who [wildcare] unfortunately appear to be notorious in only wanting to take joeys, which they then kill themselves, which is totally unacceptable, and is assisting in driving the Eastern Grey Kangaroos to extinction with their solo actions.

'Stakeholders'(which is another word for 'the kangaroos are dead') meeting to take place 5 July 2007 in Canberra, to discuss future management.

Proposal:Turning the Belconnen site into a Kangaroo Tourist Attraction Park, turning it into a multibillion business for defence, with A controlled humane method of a fertitility program put into place, to avoid a future population explosion within the park, on some of the roos, and put aside a rehabilitation site for sick, injured, orphaned native eastern grey kangaroos.

Latest Update: Wednesday 20 June 2007 - municipal services grant licences to kill almost extinct Eastern Grey Kangaroos to defence, and have continued their science fiction against our native kangaroos, and unfounded kangaroo hate campaign to the media.

Update: Meeting at the rspca on 30 May 2007 - An Enquiry into municipal services, don fletcher, rspca, defence, and their proposed kangaroo kill - The rspca was put on notice. The rspca were warned that they had not been elected to be the spokesperson on the kangaroo cull issues, and did not have our permission to speak on, or for our behalf to the media, government, defence, or the municipal services, and to continue to speak out about wildlife, of which they have absolutely no knowledge or expertise in, especially the Eastern Grey Kangaroos.

The rspca waged/paid wildlife manager could not even identify the difference between 'feral' and 'native' wildlife, categorising Eastern Grey Kangaroos as 'feral'.

I made it perfectly clear to everyone in the room, that Eastern Grey Kangaroos are Australian Native Wildlife.

The rspca were told to speak to us, the wildlife experts, on any wildlife issues, and to leave the rest to us, including the media releases, advising defence, the government, and municipal services.

We, the Wildlife experts, need to be on the advisory councils, to ensure that there is no more mismanagement of wildlife, with the science fiction that is being constantly published on Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and on any other wildlife, to stop unnecessary slaughters, euthanasia (which the rspca have been undertaking and endorsing for far too long, who have lost their direction on why the rspca was founded in the first place), in order to maintain a healthy, well balanced eco system.

The rspca was never meant to have any dealings with wildlife, they are a domestic animal group, and need to focus solely on domestic animals, and to atleast try and get that right, which is in disarray, and has been, for quite some time.

The ACT is the only state where the rspca PRETEND to know anything about wildlife, and through their ignorance, having a devastating impact on our wildlife, with their constant mismanagement of our native wildlife, driving them to extinction, if the rspca are not stopped. The rspca are way out of their depth/league, where wildlife are concerned.

There has been no head count on the kangaroo population at Majura Naval Base, or Belconnen Naval Base, the population was guessed.

No research has been done by municipal services, don fletcher, on the grassland earless dragon, striped legless lizard and gold sun moth, or any impact Eastern Grey Kangaroos may or may not have, living with them.

Our native wildlife have lived together for generations without destroying each other's habitat and driving each other to extinction.

Man has been the perpetrator of destroying wildlife habitat and driving them to extinction.

The Belconnen Naval site does not have any grassland earless dragons, striped legless lizards or gold sun moth.

Shooting was out of the question, as there is no such thing as a single shot to the cranium, as soon as the first shot rings out, the roos are a moving target, then being bashed to death, with whatever lies handy next to the injured roo and joey, darting was only acceptable, to transfer the live kangaroos to another site, from Belconnen Naval Site, if necessary, which would be ascertained after our inspection of the sites.

No action is necessary against any of the kangaroos at the Majura Naval Site.

It was agreed that the rspca would no longer be involved in the decision of the kangaroos or any further meetings on this issue, and that it would be left upto the wildlife experts, namely, us.

A further meeting was to be scheduled, coordinated by defence, at another meeting place, after the sites were inspected by us.

Latest update: 28/5/07 - rspca threatens defence with charges of animal cruelty, if the cruel and unnecessary cull does not go ahead.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP STOP THE SLAUGHTERS, and ensure that we get into both sites, to do a head count on the Kangaroos, so the public will be informed of the FACTS, and no more fiction, that has currently hit the press - EMAIL: Dr Brendan Nelson, Please note: e-mail correspondence should include your full name and postal address. Responses will not be made by e-mail. Defence Secretary Nick Warner; You can also email: Chief Minister, Jon Stanhope;, Minister for Municipal Services, John Hargreaves; You may get an email response. Let them know that it is highly inappropriate for them to continue to proceed with this Kangaroo kill, without/before WCG's head count, and inspection of both of the sites. WCG's inspection of the sites and head count is vital, in order for the FACTS to be published.

May 2007 - CANBERRA KANGAROO SLAUGHTER, AUSTRALIA. Latest update - AFP (Australian Federal Police) have put a stop to the cull for safety reasons. However, Defence (ADF) have not withdrawn their applications to kill the kangaroos, and want to dart 400 kangaroos on the Belconnen Naval Site, and then euthanase them using a lethal injection. The municipal services appear to have agreed to this, and have failed to deny ADF's applications to kill our almost extinct Eastern Grey Kangaroos. I still dispute that this explosive population figure even exists for the cull, and have again requested an appointment for this Wednesday 30 May 2007 or Thursday 31 May 2007, to inspect both of the sites, and do a head count of the Kangaroos.

The municipal services have launched a Kangaroo hate campaign with their false statements against the Kangaroos, as they did with the Googong Dam Cull, along with their false claims of the explosive population figure, to the reality of the kangaroo population that exists, to try and justify a mass slaughter of our almost extinct Eastern Grey Kangaroos. WCG is setting the record straight by stating the facts about our native Kangaroos, showing that they are not pests/vermin/feral (they are Australian Native), do not destroy habitat for other endangered species, and do indeed control their own birth and numbers in times of drought, etc.

My physical campaign is, requesting an appointment and an audience with Defence, to visit the sites, to inspect the kangaroos, and the sites, do a head count, make up a full report, and release the facts to the public. My intention is to request Defence, with the facts, to withdraw their applications, for all the licences to shoot/kill the kangaroos, and to request municipal services to deny any licences to kill our native kangaroos, in order to prevent extinction of the species, and to apply themselves to alternative methods, solutions, when necessary, which currently, is not.

Firstly, the article in last Sunday's 13 May 2007, Canberra Sunday Times quote "The ACT is the only state to have this unacceptable policy [of culling kangaroos], ......" is incorrect. I was actually referring to the No Kangaroo Policy in the ACT, being the only state in Australia holding such a policy, and the ACT government, along with municipal services, not allowing the full term rehabilitation of sick, injured, orphaned native kangaroos/joeys, on our rehabilitation carers licence.

This No Kangaroo Policy in the ACT is another reason for the rapid decline of our native Kangaroo population. This No Kangaroo Policy needs to be immediately changed back to a YES Kangaroo Policy and to allow us full term rehabilitation of our native sick, injured, orphaned Kangaroos/Joeys.

Everyone knows that the whole of Australia culls Kangaroos, which is also highly unacceptable, and being executed with false counts, deliberately being exploded to justify the slaughters, rather than adhering to the reality of the population, however, the bush capital, ACT, claims that all wildlife are protected in the ACT, and are not allowed to be slaughtered.

This intended cull is in breach of the ACT Policy.

Looking forward to a scheduled meeting before then to inspect both sites, the grasslands, the weeds, the erosion, (erosion needs to be controlled by planting more trees, which were never replanted since the 2004 bush fire), the Kangaroos, and do a head count from the inside, with someone from Defence.


WHY KANGAROOS MUST NOT BE KILLED. Eastern Grey Kangaroos are on a rapid decline and are being driven to extinction, due to habitat loss by man through construction, road kills, land clearing, sheep/cattle graziers, crop growing, toxic waste, toxic sprays, mismanagement of kangaroos/wildlife by the rspca, municipal services and the advisory councils, (who are made up of the commercial industry, the rspca, municipal services, sheep/cattle graziers, crop growers and other like minded members of the council, all who have a serious conflict of interest, with no knowledge about wildlife, the environment and conservation), illegal slaughters, culling, etc., along with natural loss through nature, natural predators, etc.

This problem is national, and is applied to all kangaroos, wallabies, wildlife. Kangaroos hold their young and do not breed in times of drought, when there is no food/water.

Kangaroos control their own numbers. WCG have made steps into nationally declaring all Kangaroos an endangered species, and placing them onto the heritage list. Because the hand reared kangaroos were never tagged, it has never been proven that the hand reared older kangaroos can cause some harm to some of the people. It is a very rare occurrence, and would only happen if the kangaroo was confronted, harrassed and/or provoked in some way. Educating the public with kangaroos and other wildlife is the answer here, not mass slaughter, with the intent to drive our Australian Native Kangaroos to extinction, with deliberately publishing science fiction, total fiction about them, and not a No Kangaroo Policy, and not allowing us to rehabilitate our own sick, injured, orphaned native Eastern Grey Kangaroos, that is currently and incorrectly in place in the ACT, which is also adding, to driving our Australian Native Kangaroos to extinction.

Even the shooters are crying that there are no more kangaroos left to kill in NSW, and complaining that they have to travel to far north Queensland to slaughter pigs.

Well shooters, it's time to hang up your firearms, turn them in, and find another profession that doesn't include a blood bath and cruelty.

Apparently, The Belconnen Naval Station is Heritage Listed, protecting native flora/fauna. If so, It is illegal to destroy/kill native flora/fauna on the Belconnen Naval Site. I have made enquiries into the Majura Naval Station on whether or not they are also heritage listed.

The Majura Naval Site have just purchased approx. 700 more hectares, so there really isn't a problem on the Majura Naval Station.

The kangaroos are imprisoned on the Belconnen Naval Station with kangaroo proof fencing all around them. I have advised that a corridor be built to provide the Kangaroos with a safe passage to leave the site, or alternatively, turn it into a Kangaroo Tourist Attraction Park, with towers, to allow an easy view of the Kangaroos, and make millions of dollars out of the park from the tourists.

The Majura Naval Base, where they have purchased another approx. 700 hectares, which removes any problems that they originally claimed they had, and is not enclosed, allowing the kangaroos to come and go. If there is no food/water, the kangaroos will leave. Or alternatively, turn the sites into Kangaroo Tourist Attraction Parks, build towers to allow people to climb up so they may have a clear view of them, and make millions of dollars out of them, keeping them alive. I have requested an appointment to inspect both sites, and do a head count.

Currently, the numbers are extremely low on both sites, looking in from the outside. All kangaroos are fit and healthy. Culling/shooting is not the answer, and not necessary.

Don Fletcher from municipal services, who has been researching an alternative fertility program on the Belconnen Naval Site, has been discredited:(Professor Des Cooper, a leading geneticist and former director of the Marsupial Cooperative Research Centre, is one of Australia's leading authorities on developing humane contraceptive techniques for controlling wildlife populations. He has previously criticised the ACT's kangaroo contraception research as "highly questionable" claiming it could affect the immune system, making kangaroos more vulnerable to infectious diseases that could spread to other wildlife and domestic livestock. He suggested proven fertility control methods such as hormone implants or steroids would be preferable. (Canberra Times - Roos: the new climate victims - Reporter Rosslyn Beeby - Saturday May 19, 2007))

WHY FEED THE KANGAROOS TO AVERT THE CRISIS. Kangaroos play a vital role in maintaining a healthy well balanced eco system. Where kangaroos have been eradicated, the native grasslands and other endangered species have died. In the habitat where kangaroos have been allowed to continue to graze, both the native grasslands/vegetation, and other endangered species have thrived, also helping the regrowth of native grasslands/vegetation, through natural fertilisation.

WHY YOU SHOULD LET THE KANGAROOS OUT. The kangaroos can be let out by building a safe passage, opening up a corridor for them, to allow them back out into the wild where they belong from the Belconnen Site, or alternatively, turn it into a Kangaroo Tourist Attraction Park and make billions of dollars out of it. Tourists love our kangaroos, alive, and will flock to see them.

THERE IS NO HUMANE SHOOTING. High powered rifles need to be used, which currently are not. Even with high powered rifles, there is never a direct hit to the cranium resulting in a clean kill. Once the first shot rings out, the kangaroos are in a frenzy, and become a moving target. Females with joeys are always the target. Death is never instantaneous, resulting in the injured kangaroos and joeys that are found, being bashed to death by whatever object that lies next to the injured kangaroos/joeys. A lot of the roos are not found, and are left to lie injured, to die a slow, agonising death. Apart from the fact that our Kangaroos are being driven to extinction, killing them is out of the question, and unnecessary.

JOEYS HANDED OVER TO CARERS. Joeys are at all ages between March to July. Culling is never humane and must be avoided at all costs.

KANGAROOS DO NOT HAVE TO BE SHOT BECAUSE KANGAROOS DO CONTROL THEIR OWN FERTILITY, AND BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING DRIVEN TO EXTINCTION. Kangaroos do infact reduce their fertility in temperate Australia. This is not a myth about the biology of eastern grey kangaroos, and applies to the whole kangaroo/wallaby/wallaroo population.

SHOOTERS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE A HUMANE KILL. Shooters never make a direct hit, ending up in violently bashing the kangaroos to death using rocks, sticks, whatever is handy to them where the Kangaroo lies injured. Shooting must be abandoned at all costs.

CONCERNS THAT THIS IS A COMMERCIAL CULL. Are the kangaroos being secretly, illegally farmed on the Belconnen Site for the commercial industry, since they are imprisoned on the site? I questioned defence (ADF), on how did the kangaroos get in there in the first place, if they can't get out. Their response was an invalid one, claiming that their numbers have just grown in there over time. But HOW DID THEY GET IN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE, IF THEY CAN'T GET BACK OUT?

Kangaroos/wildlife are not fit for human/pet consumption. As they go into shock being chased, and watching each other being slaughtered, all their diseases flare up, which the consumers then ingest, which then flares up in the consumers. Further, leaking Toxic waste and toxic sprays effecting our native Kangaroos, and all our other wildlife, will also effect the consumers, that has been released into the atmosphere. Kangaroos are left in backs of trucks for hours, as the shooters drive around, searching for injured roos, and killing more roos, leaving them to breed extremely harmful bacterias, which is adding more health problems to the already infectious diseases that have flared up while being hunted, as they witness each other being cruelly slaughtered.


Disclaimer: WCG and the author do not assume or accept any responsibility and shall not be liable for the accuracy or appropriate application of the information contained in this letter/email.



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