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Steve Irwin Tribute

Our heroic 44 year old Steve Irwin, Croc. Hunter, on Monday 4 September 2006, has died, after being struck by a stingray, who stabbed Steve in the heart with a flick of his tail, just off Port Douglas in Queensland, while filming the majestic creatures. Steve then collapsed and died after taking the barb out.

I hope everything he has fought so hard for comes to fruition, and those that have, remain maintained, so all his hard work wasn't in vain, amongst them, trying to stop the croc. trophy hunting.

Steve's passion and fight did not stop with the reptiles, it indeed extended to our lovable, furry kangaroos, our Australian icon, and thus, he also funded Pat O'Brien from Wildlife Protection Assoc of Australia Inc. to fly to Canberra from Queensland, to try and stop the kangaroo commercial cull in Googong Dam, that commenced on Sunday night, 11 July 2004.

Sadly, unfortunately Steve Irwin and Pat O'Brien failed in their mission.

Steve Irwin was laid to rest, in a private ceremony on the Sunshine Coast, on Sunday 10 September 2006.

The Wildlife Carers Group Inc. will certainly endeavour to assist his dreams and wishes are fulfilled.

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