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Black Swan rescue and release

Nora Preston, President and Founder of Wildlife Carers Group Inc., received a call Sunday 9 April 2006, around lunch time, for a Black Swan on the Belconnen Lake, near the Jetty, that had a fishing hook and line in it's neck.

Nora quickly called 2 Wildlife Carers Group Members, Mick and Ann Mathes, from Belconnen, to quickly rescue the Black Swan and she would meet them there.

Thank you to Mick and Ann Mathes quick response, they captured the Swan before Nora got there who was travelling right across town from the South Side, and removed
the fishing line and hook from the Swan.

The Swan was quickly examined once Nora arrived, and then released, when it finally met up with it's mate. The 2 Swans swam back to Nora, Mick and Ann Mathes, no doubt out of gratitude.

Nora asks people out there fishing, to please be extremely careful when casting your fishing line, and avoid fishing around our native water birds, to avoid any further mishaps.


When you are called to the rescue of a black swan with a fish hook and line stuck in its neck, remembering to pack a camera isn’t the first thing on your mind. That explains the size of the photograph accompanying this item.

It shows the swan, after its hour – long ordeal, waddling back towards Belconnen Lake. It was taken on a mobile phone camera, hence its low resolution, says the president and founder of Wildlife Cares Group, Nora Preston, of Kambah.

Nora received the call on Sunday, April 9 around lunchtime. She called on fellow members, Mick and Ann Mathes, of Belconnen, to rescue the swan while she made her way across town.

The swan was examined when Nora arrived, and then released, when it finally met up with its mate. The two swans swam back to Nora, Mick and Ann, no doubt, says Nora, out of gratitude.

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(Reported in the Canberra Times in April)




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